There Be Dragons


Confession: I love dragons. Not the weird feathery kind, but the fire-breathing, intimidating kind of dragons.

Additional confession: I love Star Wars. The films, books, comics, toys, the whole lot.

How do they connect to one another? About a year ago I read a Star Wars book called Crosscurrent by Paul S. Kemp. This book centered on the character of Jaden Kor, the main character of an old Star Wars game I played as a kid (Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy). Jaden struggles with how the light and dark side of the Force interact with each other. He struggles to find his place in the galaxy. And he recalls the words of his master, Kyle Katarn, where Kyle essentially talks about the mysteries and dangers of the galaxy, and he tells Jaden “there be dragons.” We cannot know what exactly we will face in our lives, but we can be sure there are some pretty great and powerful mysteries out there. Like Jaden, I struggle to find my place in the world, and I wonder how things interact with each other.

I am sitting at a Starbucks and pondering the dragons in the world that I will encounter. I speak of metaphorical dragons right now, but let me not mislead you – I truly do believe dragons exist (or at least at one point existed, though I have hope there is still one of them roaming the earth). But the metaphorical dragons – they can be terrifying encounters in my future, or they can be magnificent encounters. But in the adventure of life that I have embarked on, I can sure that “there be dragons.”

So this blog is to serve two purposes. The first purpose: to discuss the dragons that exist in the world (metaphorical for now, but if a real one pops up in my lifetime, you can be sure I’ll report about it). Whether or not I have personally encountered the mysterious dragon I blog about, this is a place where I will discuss my insights into how we should interact and respond to the greater and lesser mysteries of this world. The second purpose: to discuss the dragons in life that I encounter. I have no doubt that my life will be filled with moments where I encounter some dragons that engulf me in their fires. Some will not harm me, some will inflict some great harm. I want this to be a blog where I openly and honestly discuss those moments in life where I have encountered a dragon.

I am 22 years old and I have many dragons I can tell you about. However, there are so many more dragons that I have not met, and when I meet them you can be sure to know that I will tell you what I observe and experience.

That is all for now. Be on the look for the dragons in your life. Observe their powers, their skills, and their beauty. I hope you have learned one thing from this post: there be dragons.


6 thoughts on “There Be Dragons

  1. Wonderfully named and pointedly accurate. I will look at struggles and encounters differently thinking of you. A person does not have to fight dragons alone, so let me know if you need back-up my young jedi-son. Seriously, sharing the dragons, even the feel and awe of them, is powerful.


  2. I’m glad there are still dragons. They give dreamers purpose. They give the common man/ woman reason to think when they encounter one. They give inspiration to those who are afraid to challenge them to mortal combat. They cause all who believe in them to be wary of them.

    Dragons are as real as anything else if you are visionary enough to see them. Those unfortunates who fail to see them or recognize them are doomed to be devoured by them. Refusing to see them means only one thing. It means you will never know the glory of conquest and fulfillment. Though my armor be tarnished and battered and my body aging, I welcome the dragon to renew my purpose.


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