Politics: The Venomous Dragon


Confession: I believe in the sovereignty of God.

In this crazy time of politics, I feel like I should weigh in on my thoughts. I have been called as a messenger of Jesus Christ to spread his love and his word to all people. Let me first address my fellow believers. Saying “You’re an idiot for who you’re voting for” is hardly a good representation of Jesus. Saying “So and so is the only hope for our country” denies the headship of God. You believe in a God who created the world. Do not act as though he is dormant or non existent just because the candidates infuriate you or scare you. There is one God. And the name is not Trump, Cruz, Clinton, Sanders, Rubio, Carson, or any other name except that of Yahweh. The creator God is the one who determines things. Let God be God – he will judge people according to their actions and their faith in Jesus. I appeal to you to love your neighbor as yourself…but also to love your enemies as Jesus said in his Sermon on the Mount.

To my non Christian readers: I do not ask you to act as though God rules the world or your life. That would be ridiculous of me to ask that of you. So let me appeal to you as a fellow human. I have made mistakes. Some pretty costly ones – mistakes that cost me friends, mistakes that hurt reputations, mistakes that damaged relationships. I imagine you can relate to some of that. Do not let this Presidential election harm you and your relationships or reputation. Be kind; be courteous; be gentle; be understanding. Why? Because I want people to treat you the same way – and we truly live in a tough time that when venom is spat at you, everyone wants to retaliate.

All this being said: I have my thoughts and opinions on who should run for President. I will not tell you who. I will not tweet about their awesomeness, I will not post on facebook about how they have to be president for the survival of this country. What I will do is say this: I love you. As a brother in Christ to all my fellow believers, I love you. As a human to all my non believing friends, I say this too: I love you and want great things to happen in your life. I do not believe any of you are stupid, awful, despicable, or evil. I am an optimist (see previous blogs), and I want nothing but goodness for all of you.

This political time brings out some hurtful words from many of you – believers and non believers a like. Please, do not harm your image by insulting people. To those voting for Trump, I want you to know I love you and respect your dignity. To those voting for Hilary: I love you and respect your dignity. To those voting for Sanders, Cruz, Rubio, Carson, or others, I say the same. Let love win. Did not this country declare that for the LGBT community? “Love Wins.” If love wins, then treat your fellow humans with respect and love. Do not fill your words with disrespect and hate. My fellow God fearers – did not Jesus triumph over hate and evil and sin when he rose from the grave? Let his love shine through your words and actions.

I pray this venomous dragon of politics quits sinking its fangs into your flesh. Do not let it win. Fight this dragon any way you can. May you vanquish all the evil dragons you face this week, and may you ride valiantly on all the good dragons.


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