The Land: Home of the Dragons

Dragon in nature

Confession: I have not always been a proponent of recycling or caring much about the earth.

My mother loves nature. She loves gardens, the ocean, hikes, buying BPA free products, and yes, she recycles. Often I thought she would go a little overboard in her endeavors – especially in the realms of composting or recycling. Many times I thought she was just being too adamant about something that did not overly matter. I stand corrected: the earth and the environment DO matter.

Before you blow this off as just another tree hugger post, let me say this: I don’t think you are evil for putting that Dr. Pepper can in the trash can or for using your Styrofoam cup at your backyard BBQ. I do think you should recycle your Dr. Pepper can when that option is available and I do think you should reduce the use of Styrofoam as much as possible.

We live in an amazing world. Just Google “nature picture” and you’ll see a ton of amazing photos. Or take a look around you as you drive on the highway – something that barely exposes you to the beauty of nature, yet still can send shivers through you. Unfortunately, the human species has figured out multiple ways of harming the environment – toxins, neglect, willful destruction, etc. And it is up to the conscientious segment of the human race to preserve the earth as much as possible. Why? Well, as a Christian I am convicted God made a beautiful earth and he did not intend for man to plunder and ruin it. God planted Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden, not the Metropolis of Eden or the Barren Wasteland of Eden. God breathes life into the world and all His creation, so why should humans breathe death into everything? Further, as an others-minded human, I would like my great great great grandchildren to play outside in their backyard and run the risk of poison ivy or bee stings because that’s the life I grew up with and the life I want to exist for my descendants. I want the future generations of the world to swim in lakes, hike the Appalachian trails and harvest yummy fruits and peppers from their neighborhood.

There are honestly few barriers that prevent you from caring for the environment. Most places offer recycling options. Paper plates are not vastly more expensive than Styrofoam. You don’t have to burn things that release bad toxins. You can walk or bike or carpool more frequently than you currently do. And for the love of the earth, throw your trash (including the cigarette butts and pieces of gum) into a trash can, not on the road or sidewalk or parking lot. The amount of trash that you can witness laying on the ground less than 5 seconds walking distance from a trash can should disgust you.

Caring for the earth is not all that different from caring for your house. You (hopefully) are not proud of a messy house or dirty room. If filth was in your kitchen, you would work to remove it. The same can be said for the environment – where you see filth or garbage, clean it up. Don’t take pride in the mess you or others have made – take pride in cleaning up that mess.

Dragons, as well as millions of other creatures, are affected by harmful actions of humans toward the environment. Let’s see if we can preserve some of the beauty that still exists in the world. Reduce your waste, Reuse what you can, Recycle when available.

May the Dragons you encounter this week breathe fresh air that you grant them, and may you conquer the more fearsome dragons that cross your path.



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