Sports: The Competitive Dragon

Confession: I really enjoy playing sports. IT’S HERE! IT’S NFL FOOTBALL TIME. I should additionally confess that I am from Pittsburgh, and an avid Pittsburgh Steelers fan. I loved watching the Pittsburgh Penguins become Stanley Cup champions this past June, and I love to play sports with friends (particularly ultimate Frisbee). My journey as a […]

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Perspective: The Dragon’s Shadow

Confession: Perspective is based on experience, therefore this blog is based upon my experiences. Reminder: I’m a pretty strong optimist, which certainly affects my perspectives. Over the last several weeks I have had several conversations about topics where our perspectives clearly led us to different conclusions. Some conversations were about music, some about homework, some […]

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New Beginnings: The Dragon Egg

Confession: I love origin stories and starting new projects/seasons. It is the beginning of August and I will be shortly starting my third semester of Graduate school. It’s a new full year, which means new themes, new students, new classes, new experiences. I am getting married in just a couple months, and that will present […]

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Teamwork: A Herd of Dragons

  Confession: I fully believe in the power of teamwork. I have belonged to several teams. Some within the same system. I work retail with Family Christians Stores. For years I knew those who worked the job with me as co-workers. After moving to a different store, it felt more like a small family. And […]

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