Words: The Dragon’s Sparks

Confession: I have used my words to set sparks that blossomed into fires. Words have tremendous power – the power to build and the power to destroy. But words are just the beginning; the actions that follow the words carry out just as much weight (for good or bad) as the words that precede them. […]

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The Land: Home of the Dragons

Confession: I have not always been a proponent of recycling or caring much about the earth. My mother loves nature. She loves gardens, the ocean, hikes, buying BPA free products, and yes, she recycles. Often I thought she would go a little overboard in her endeavors – especially in the realms of composting or recycling. […]

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Testimony: The Dragon That Teaches

Confession: I believe every one has a unique life story. Recently I have been thinking about the power of your testimony. Certainly in a religious sense, that word is used to reflect how your life story has validated your faith. Even from a non-religious perspective, I think sharing your story has tremendous value. What struggles […]

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