Teamwork: A Herd of Dragons

  Confession: I fully believe in the power of teamwork. I have belonged to several teams. Some within the same system. I work retail with Family Christians Stores. For years I knew those who worked the job with me as co-workers. After moving to a different store, it felt more like a small family. And […]

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Politics: The Venomous Dragon

Confession: I believe in the sovereignty of God. In this crazy time of politics, I feel like I should weigh in on my thoughts. I have been called as a messenger of Jesus Christ to spread his love and his word to all people. Let me first address my fellow believers. Saying “You’re an idiot […]

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Education: The Timeless Dragon

Confession: I am currently in graduate school and I am biased for education. Why am I biased for education? Because I am fully convicted that education shapes you more than most things in life. Education transforms your thought process, giving you new filters to see the world through. Education opens doors: whether by degree or […]

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